Jackett isn’t expecting big signings

Kenny Jackett has recently talked about the summer spending of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The English manager stated that there is uncertainty in relation to the approaching transfer window which will be opened in a few months and this allows managers to strengthen their respective squads but in his case, it’s unsure if new players will be signed.

It’s because of this uncertainty that Kenny Jackett wants to see a few of his players become leaders as the squad will need someone who can push Wolverhampton forward.

"There is, in terms of what we're spending, how we're developing the squad, what players we're bringing in, a grey area for the summer. It would be great if that was clear, but it isn't because the club is up for sale, that's a fact. These guys are at a good age, they're not too young. Their test is to come through now and lead the club. And the reason they're leading the club is they are the current players" Kenny Jackett of Wolverhampton Wanderers said.

Matt Doherty, Danny Batth, Jack Price and Ethan Ebanks-Landell all have an age limit which ranges from 23 to 25 and these are the players that Kenny Jackett wants to see turn into leaders, especially now that the club is going through some financial difficulties which has finished with the English League Championship club being put up for sale.

"For them their test is to show that leadership. One way is through ability, how you effect other people, and then your own personal standards those three things define leadership. We need that crop, those lads of that age, to come through and, with those qualities, lead the club and finish the season off very strongly" Kenny Jackett added on.

Taking into consideration what Kenny Jackett said, it seems like there will not be a big signing in the summer and this is why the English manager wants to see some of his own players taking charge.

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