McCarthy has no problem with Stoke tactics

Mick McCarthy will have no problem if Stoke City employ controversial tactics when they play his Wolves side this weekend.

Both sides have to agree to the use of a towel to dry the ball before a thrown in, but some accused Shotton and his club of attempting to circumvent the regulation by wearing a special shirt with a towelling lining, something he later denied.

The Potters made the headlines after their win against Spurs on Sunday for more than one reason, with Ryan Shotton's shirt and towel combination taking some of the column inches away from the result which upset the Premier League betting odds.

However, McCarthy told the Wolves' website that he would not be bothered if Stoke tried such a ploy against him, and that there is other more pressing things to worry about.

"What I think you can do is defend the throw in the first place. I never used to wipe my hands on anything and I could throw the ball to the far post. I'm not bothered about all that caper, no. Defend it."

He added that no one would expect the top sides to leave out their best players, so no one should be asking Stoke to remove a tool from their arsenal.

McCarthy also revealed that he would not be looking to change his own tactics, underlining a commitment to the high-tempo pressing game which he has employed during his time at the club.

According to the manager, it suits the players and has helped the side secure some good results at home.