Kenny Jackett reckons he doesn’t have the potent resources to opt for expressive Football. Jackett has drawn criticism for coming up with slightly boring Football at Wolverhampton Wanderers particularly in the recent times.

But, according to him, Championship is not so dissimilar to League One.

The level is a lot higher and if you go on the attack without having enough potential, it is bound to get you in losing positions on more number of times than not. So, it’s wise to try and balance it out rather than to over-attack."

"There are racing odds out there for some teams who go to the big boys and attack - the bookies just know that they will get taken to the cleaners, so it's more a matter of making sure you are defending well and not getting taken for a ride."

Speaking about his formations, Jackett said, “Look, everyone likes flamboyant Football, but, you’ve got to have the suitable personnel as well to push for that sort of game.”

“If you are not that heavy on the attacking front, you should look to create balance because over-attacking can cost you big and it has happened with us a couple of times when we’ve decided to be attacking and have found ourselves leaking goals in the process.”

“I was hearing Tommy Smith the other day and he had a similar opinion too that you have to be careful with your approach and not just go out there and attack all out and mind you, he is second to none when it comes to knowing about Championship. So, if he is saying something, it’s worth taking into consideration.”

“For us, what we are trying is to ensure is that we are compact in the deep and don’t let the opposition any easy passage.”

“It’s not that our game is all about defence and nothing else. Obviously, the goals have to come as well, but, as I said the balance is important, if you’ve got the right balance, it will take you a long way for sure.”