Paul Lambert wants to promote Wolverhampton to the Premier League

It’s been around 1 week since Paul Lambert took over the English League Championship club Wolverhampton and the 47 year old Scottish manager has outlined what he is planning to accomplish as the recently appointed head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

"Sometimes you have a good feeling about things. This is a good feeling. It feels like the right fit. This isn't a football club which has no history attached to it. There’s a fantastic fan base here and, if you have that, you have a chance. Even when I came here with Norwich and Blackburn, it was always a great atmosphere and we as a team has to get the fans going and give them something back’’ Paul Lambert said.

During the previous 2015-16 season of the English League Championship, Wolverhampton was able to snatch the 14th spot but they are currently struggling as they are positioned at the 16th spot with 17 points collected from the 16 league matches that have been played so far.

Paul Lambert knows what it takes to earn a promotion spot with a club as he has already done it with Norwich City when the Scottish tactician was able to push Norwich City to the League 1 title and were later on promoted to the English League Championship on April of 2010.

Norwich City continued their fine form with Paul Lambert at the head of it all and they were later on promoted to the Premier League. This is what Lambert wants to do but with Wolverhampton Wanderers as he wants to guide the club to the top tier English League.

This objective of Paul Lambert will be difficult for him to do with Wolverhampton as their latest league matches have seen the squad either losing or drawing and dropping points at a regular basis but Lambert remains optimistic and hopeful that it can work out.