When many clubs are monitoring your best kept secret having Real Madrid as part of the secret admirers usually spells doom. The Spanish side has never went in for a player and got rejected. They don’t speak that kind of language in the capital given that their sole marketing point is that they will give you whatever you ask for as long as you put your pen on their paper.

Juventus and Paris Saint Germain are the other big sides reported to be chasing Otasowie’s hand in club-player marriage. Wolves are left with no option than to do everything within their power to make sure Owen renews his contract before the end of the season.

The youngster no matter how bold his rich suitors may be would do well to take heed on the need to choose a side that will help him hone his craft first and foremost, develop into a well-rounded professional and a well-rounded human being.
Many youngsters, swayed by huge pile of cash has been caught napping when they should be striving for growth.

Big clubs like Real Madrid have had their fair share of such scenarios. The number of players who flop at the Bernabeu are mostly likely greater than the number who make it but dead men tell no tales.