Former Premier League referee Howard Webb was regarded as one of the best in the business. This reputation saw him referee some of the biggest matches in world football like the Champions League final and the World Cup final.

Now retired, Webb has the opportunity to look at refereeing decisions from outside the world of referees. He has been a pundit for some of the biggest names in the business.

During one of the interactions, Webb confirmed that referees will certainly welcome the arrival of video technology to assist in most decisions.

FIFA, under the leadership of Sepp Blatter, and UEFA, under the leadership of Michel Platini, have been resisting any changes to the game in the name of technology. After long struggles, the Premier league finally received approval for the goal-line technology, which has been a saving grace on a number of occasions so far.

Webb told Himmel Spill that he believes that technology will have to play a greater role in the forthcoming years in order to prevent constant criticism of referees. This could come as good news to those planning on betting on England during Euro 2016 - there can be no repeat of the 'Ghost Goal' debacle that saw Frank Lampard's goal incorrectly ruled out, as England lost to Germany in Euro 2012.

UEFA have tried the possibility of using additional referees but this does not appear to have made any significant changes to the outcome.

Sepp Blatter and Platini have recently been suspended from FIFA due to corruption allegations. A newcomer is likely to be in favour of video technology, with betting sites offering odds of just under evens that Video will be accepted by the time Euro 2016 starts.

"There is a misunderstanding in the public's eyes that referees would be against it because it would undermine their authority but even the PGMOL (Premier Game Match Officials Limited, the UK's official body for officials) were pretty positive about what is happening here. We went to Amsterdam Arena to look at this in practice. We are keen to look at anything which makes us more credible on the field of play and means we make less mistakes,” said Webb, who ended his stellar career in 2014.