Wolverhampton Wanderers suffered yet another defeat as they went down 2-1 in their match against Everton. However, Wolves manager Mick McCarthy was extremely critical of the penalty that was awarded to Everton, which ultimately led to the winner.

Speaking after the match, McCarthy was incensed, saying that the penalty was extremely soft and that a number of penalties would have to be given every week if it had been the case universally.

The referee gave the penalty after Stephen Ward appeared to push Louis Saha in the box. Leighton Baines subsequently scored from the penalty spot to give Everton a much-needed win. The fact that the penalty was given in the final few minutes of the match gave Wolves no chance of recovering from the setback.

Wolves had initially taken the lead through Stephen Hunt's penalty in the 37th minute, although it did not take long for Everton to equalise. The equaliser through Phil Jagielka came just before the end of the first half. Everton looked much better in the second half, as they came out looking to utilise the home advantage to the best effect. Wolves have been poor away from home this season and it began to show as the game went on.

Finally, Everton were awarded a penalty in the 83rd minute, which was then converted by Leighton Baines. It ensured that Wolves remained close to the relegation zone.

David Moyes can now rest a little easier given that a slight gap has formed between Everton and the relegation zone. Speaking after the match, David Moyes said "That win was vital. We needed a goal from somewhere and we looked like we were huffing and puffing. We ended up winning the game with two set-pieces: a free-kick and a penalty."