The 22 years old English winger of Wolverhampton Wanderers, Michael Jacobs has revealed that his team and the players themselves will continue working hard in order to get a promotion spot for the Championship League but it has now become a 3 horse race with Leyton Orient, Brentford and Wolverhampton all within reach with themselves.

“It’s quite an exciting title race this season and the same in League Two as well this year. It seems you are going to need far more points than in other years if you are to achieve promotion. At the end of the day it is still in our own hands and we don’t want to be relying on other teams to slip up. We want to get the wins that we need to get up’’.

“With the staff we have got here and the attitude among the players there is not going to be any slacking off in any respect. We have set our standards which we want to stick to for the whole season and I don’t think there will be a stage we will get to that we will feel we can relax, that’s not going to come into question’’. Michael Jacobs said.

Wolverhampton Wanderers ended their streak of 9 consecutive league victories when they had to settle with a 0-0 draw against Shrewsbury Town as they played on March 15 and even though the result only gave the club 1 point, Jacobs still remained optimistic about the match and the future.

“To be fair to Shrewsbury they came out, stuck to their game plan and gave us a really tough game and it was one of those days where things didn’t really fall for us. But at the end of the day it was another point, we are still top of the league. Obviously when you get on a winning run you just want to keep it going but it is always going to end at some stage. Jacobs stated.